Uniform Policy

  1. Rationale:

At Edison International Academy, all pupils are to wear the prescribe school uniform, which is part of ensuring a purposeful learning ethos. We provide a complete list of the items that are part of our school uniform in this policy.

  1. Aims:

This policy is based on the belief that a school uniform promotes a sense of pride in the school, and fosters a feeling of community and belonging. Edison International Academy’s uniform identifies our pupils with the school, is not distracting in class, and makes children feel equal to their peers in term of appearance.

  1. Uniform:

Our colours are white and blue.


  • White, short or long sleeved shirt with school logo
  • Blue trousers
  • Blue sweatshirt/jacket with school logo


  • White, short or long sleeved blouse with school logo
  • Blue checkered, knee/ankle-length dress with school logo
  • Grey or black tights (leggings are not appropriate)
  • Blue sweatshirt/jacket with school logo

Physical Education kit for Boys and Girls:

  • Red polo shirt with school logo
  • Blue tracksuit bottoms or shorts
  • Sports shoes (no football shoes are allowed at any time)

Note: Children should come to school dressed in their PE Kits in designated PE days.

  1. Footwear:

Pupils of Edison International Academy MUST wear, flat leather shoes.

  1. Headwear:

During the hot summer months, pupils of Edison International Academy are expected to wear a baseball cap with the school logo during break-time and outdoor activities.

  1. Jewellery:

Apart from small ear studs for girl, jewellery is not allowed to be worn at Edison International Academy at any time on grounds of health and safety for all pupils.

  1. Labelling:

All uniform items are to be clearly marked with the pupil’s name.

  1. Review:

This policy is subject to annual review.