1. Title and Grade of Post
Class Teacher

2.Responsible to: Academic Manager.
The post holder is to be responsible for the supervision of the work of classroom assistants relevant to his/her responsibilities.

3. Purpose of the Job
To teach pupils within the school and to carry out such other associated dutiesas are assigned by the Primary Coordinator or Principal.

4. Applicable Contract Terms and Duties
This job description is to be performed in accordance with the contract of employment as agreed between Edison International Academy and the post holder.

5. Particular Responsibilities
The particular responsibilities attaching to the post of class teacher are asfollows:
• to teach, according to their educational needs, pupils assigned to him/her in the allocated class;
• to control and oversee the use and storage of books and other teaching materials provided for class usage and to supervise the work of classroomassistant(s) relevant to the allocated class;
• to maintain discipline in accordance with the rules and disciplinarysystems of the school;
• to contribute to meetings, discussions and management systemsnecessary to co-ordinate the work of the school as a whole; and
• to promote equal opportunities within the school

6. Key Tasks
The key tasks attaching to the post of class teacher are as follows:
• to monitor and report to parents and management on the progress of pupils in the allocatedclass;
• to assess pupils’ achievements and progress in accordance with arrangements agreed within the school; and
• to mark class attendance registers.
• to work as a team in planning and implementing the National Curriculum of England in Edison International Academy

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