Edison International Academy is keen to have a close relationship with its parents to ensure there is clear communication about all areas of school life. With our ‘Open Door Policy’, we welcome parents contacting the school and will do all we can to assist you with your questions, queries and suggestions.

Sources of Information:

  1. The school Website:
  2. Parent Portal through the Website (this will be fully implemented towards the end of Term 1 of the Academic Year 2015/16)
  3. Homework Diary: we recommend that you check this on a daily basis and sign or initial the entries
  4. ClassDojo: this website allows you to contact your child’s teacher directly and ask any questions that you may feel important regarding your child’s performance and behaviour in the classroom.
  5. Newsletters and/or any other information sent out by the School Principal and/or the School Office
  6. School Policies (some are here included in the appendix): they also contain general information and lay out expectations for parents, which we are required to provide.
  7. Parent-Teacher-Meetings: these take place once every term, and you are strongly encouraged to attend those to find out in more detail how well your child is doing in class. In addition to this, your child’s class teacher and/or the School Principal may wish to set up a meeting with you separate from the termly Parent-Teacher-Meetings. This is the case, in particular, if we feel that your child does not make adequate progress, is struggling in particular areas of learning, or if there are issues with your child’s behaviour.

Parents contacting staff:

Parents are encouraged to contact the class teacher via ClassDojo on a regular basis. Login details will be provided to you by your child’s class teacher within the first week of the Academic Year 2015/16.

If you feel it necessary to speak to your child’s teacher in person at any time during the Academic Year, may we please ask you to set up an appointment by contacting the School Office in order to avoid disruptions to the school day.

For any other enquiries, please feel free to contact the School Office between 7am and 2pm. We will try to assist you to the best of our ability.

Parents visiting the School:

During a normal school day, all visitors should report to the School Office situated in the main building, where you will be requested to sign in upon arrival, and sign out when leaving. Visitors will be asked to wait in the reception areas until the requested member of staff has been notified. Again, if you wish to meet individual members of staff, you are requested to please make an appointment beforehand.

Parents contacting Students/Students contacting Parents:

For operational reasons, it is not possible for us to bring individual students to speak to parents either on the telephone or in person. Should there be an emergency at home, please contact the school office, and the message will be conveyed to the respective student at the earliest.

Should there be an emergency at the school involving your child, the School Office will contact you and instruct you accordingly.

Please note that the use of mobile phones by any student is strictly prohibited on school grounds. Mobile phones will be confiscated and only returned to the respective parent.