In order to make all children in our care proud and responsible members of Edison International Academy we will be implementing the House System from Key Stage 1 upwards.

Children typically remain a member of his/her allotted house throughout his/her time at Edison International Academy until the completion of Year 9.

Student Class Representatives& Student Council:

Within the first 4 weeks of the Academic Year, students will be asked to vote 2 class representatives for their respective classes from Key Stage 2 onwards (typically one boy and one girl per class in Key Stage 2, and two girls and two boys per class in Secondary, respectively).

This is being implemented to hear children’s voices and opinions about their and their peers’ daily life at school, and to find out what issues there may be and what suggestions they may have. Class representatives will meet with the Coordinators and the School Principal once a month to address these issues and concerns and to come up with solutions in order to improve the daily running of the school.

Parent Class Representatives & Parent Council:

At Edison International Academy, we value each and every suggestion that you, as the parent may have with regards to your child’s education.

In an effort to involve parents into their child’s learning experience, to improve parental communication and efficiency in implementing suggestions and solve any issues and concerns there may be, we have come to the decision to select one Parent Class Representative per class, who will be the focal point of communication with the school.

You will receive more detailed information including the roles and responsibilities of such a position during the Parent Information Day, and alternatively by letter should you not be able to make the Parent Information Day.


It typically is parents’ responsibility to arrange transport for their child to and from school.

At the beginning of the school year, each child will be issued with two ID cards; one for himself/herself, the other for the person picking up the child. This is to ensure that children are picked up by a person authorised to do so and will not be handed over to anyone other than a person carrying the second ID card.

Should your child go home with a friend and/or be picked up by a person other than yourself or the regular driver, please inform your child’s class teacher and/or the School Office in advance, so that upsets can be avoided.

Since heavy traffic is a constant issue during drop off and pick up times, we request parents to get together in terms of car-pooling, in order to help ease the congestion. Car-pooling not only is a very social affair, minimises traffic jams, but also helps us to contribute a little bit to preserving the environment.

For working parents, Edison International Academy arranges private bus services from and to a number of locations in Doha against an extra cost depending on the distance from the residence to the school. If you wish to take advantage of the school busses, please fill out the ‘Bus Request Form’ (here attached in the appendix), and hand it in to the School Office as soon as possible, so that your child can be put on the bus list.

A term’s notice will be required to withdraw your child from the bus service, should the need arise. In case of a failure to notify the school on time, Edison International Academy reserves the right to charge fees in lieu.


Edison International Academy charges tuition fees and other costs in relation to the educational provision to its students. This is governed by the schools Terms & Conditions.

Notification of charges:

Tuition fees are usually raised through a termly fee statement which is sent to parents shortly before the end of each term. Other charges (i.e. for school trips) may be raised on an ad-hoc basis. If you have any questions about the amount being charged, please contact the School Office directly.

Please note that all fee payments must be submitted before the end of each term for the next term. A failure to do so may result in the loss of your child’s school place and a notification to the Supreme Education Council of the State of Qatar. Another consequence may be that your child is not allowed to sit the examinations at the end of the School Year and that no Term Report/End of Year Report will be issued. Also note that no exceptions will be made in this regard.


Edison International Academy charges parents amounts that are reasonably incurred in the provision of the education offered.

For a detailed description of the fees, please refer to the Fee Policy attached in the appendix.

Please note that there may be additional charges levied on parents for children who are sitting outside set and outside marked examinations (typically Year 6 NCT’s and Year 10/11 IGCSE’s)

Methods of Payment:

Currently, the school can only accept payment in the form of cash or cheques. The school is working on making this more efficient to offer alternative payment methods such as bank transfer and/or credit card payment