The School Day

Below is an outline of a typical day at Edison International Academy according to year groups. Please bear in mind, those timings can change slightly depending on the activity at hand and may vary from branch to branch.

1. Student Attendance:

At Edison International Academy the school day starts at 7am sharp. Particular importance is attached to punctuality, and registration is an integral part of school administration as well as a legal requirement.

Parents are therefore requested to ensure that children are dropped off on time, so that they do not miss valuable classroom time, and that interruptions of other children caused by late students can be avoided. Should your child be late to school for any reason beyond your control, please inform the School Office.

Please note that the school reserves the right to count 5 late arrivals as one absent day.

Our pick up times are at 12 noon for our children in the Early Years Foundation Stage (Preschool and Reception) and at 1pm for children in all other year groups.

Edison International Academy requests parents not to pick up children before these times, as again, this causes considerable disruptions to the daily classroom routine and children loose valuable lesson time.

Please also note, that Edison International Academy cannot guarantee sufficient supervision of children who are picked up late after 2pm. If you know that you will be late, please contact the School Office or your child’s class teacher, so that the necessary arrangements can be made.

2. Absence:

If parents know that their child is going to be absent, they must inform the School Office by latest 7.30 am on the day of the child’s absence. Parents should give the name of the child, as well as the class teacher’s name and the reason for the child’s absence.

If a child is absent without being excused, Edison International Academy has the obligation to ascertain the whereabouts of the child.

In case of a medical absence, you are required to supply the school with a medical certificate from a registered medical doctor. You are advised to schedule doctor’s or dentist visits or any other appointments after school hours.

Please note that your child requires to attend 80% of days in one Academic Year in order to pass the year. According to the Pass/Fail Policy, which has been approved by the Supreme Education Council of Qatar, Edison International Academy has the right to fail students on grounds of not having accumulated the required days of attendance.

3. Leave out of school:

Parents are strongly requested not to take their child out of school for any but the most pressing reasons. It must be said that we object strongly to applications for leave that have the effect of extending the already generous school holidays.

Requests involving the absence for more than a day of school and for reasons other than medical ones, a request must be made in writing to the School Principal, stating valid reasons. A decision will be made by the School Principal within 5 working days.

4. After School Tuition and After School Activities:

Both of these take place between Sunday and Wednesday, and are scheduled between 1pm and 2pm.

You will receive detailed information with regards to the above within the first 2 weeks of the Academic Year.

Note: Parents of Students who use the school buses must make their own arrangements to be picked up from school at 2pm.

5. Detentions:

A detention is a penalty imposed by Edison International Academy in cases of misbehaviour or if the school considers that a child’s progress has been below standard and that the child would benefit from a period of quiet, supervised study.

Detention for misbehaviour is for one hour after school on Thursdays.

Detention on the grounds of school work or homework not being completed to a satisfactory standard is arranged by the class teacher, and days can vary depending on the teacher’s availability.

Parents will be informed via phone call and subsequent letter, should it be necessary for their child to be detained on Thursdays from 1pm to 2pm, or at any time during the week. We request that this letter is returned to the School Office signed the very next day following receipt.