Health and Safety Policy


Health & Safety Policy

  1. The management of the Edison Academy is committed to a safe approach to Health & Safety, and thereby to an organized, well informed and proactive approach to all health & safety and welfare related issues. All activities will be planned and executed with a systematic approach which includes an element of context sensitive’ risk assessment, and where necessary control measures will be put in place to reduce/eliminate to a safe level any foreseen risks.
  1. It is the policy of this Edison Academy to operate at all times in a manner to ensures the health, safety and welfare of all persons employed, visiting, working in, or being taught at the Edison Academy .
  1. All Edison Academy staff are reminded that they have a duty of care to carry out their work with due regard for the health and safety of themselves, other staff, pupils, contractors and visitors to the Edison Academy and to observe the health and safety requirements relevant to their activities.
  1. A suitable assessment of all-foreseeable hazards and risks to staff, pupils and visitors will be carried out. Where significant risk is identified, appropriate measures to reduce or eliminate the risks will be taken and communicated to those concerned.
  1. All staff are requested to support the Edison Academy in achieving a safe environment for everyone. The necessary information, training, instruction and supervision will be made available by managers to achieve this, particularly to staff after recruitment, transfer or changes to their responsibilities.
  1. A copy of this statement will be brought to the attention of all members of staff. It will be regularly reviewed and updated as necessary, or at least annually.

First Aid 

The nurse is the person nominated to administer first aid to casualties. The responsibilities of the appointed person are:-

  • To take charge in the situation where personal injury or illness has occurred and where further medical help is needed.
  • To ensure that the first aid boxes/cupboards are fully stocked with designated items only.
  • In the case of serious injury, responsibility of the appointed person ends when the patient is handed over to qualified medical personnel or the student’s parent/guardian.
  • The first aid boxes/cupboards in this Edison Academy are located in the Edison Academy clinic
  • The Academic Manager will assume responsibilities of the appointed person in the absence of the appointed person. However, these instances should be very few and far between, as planned cover should be achieved and only in the case of unplanned absence will this situation occur.
  • The Academic Manager will decide if and when to call an ambulance. In the case that a student is taken to hospital by ambulance, a member of staff will accompany the student and remain in the hospital until the parent/guardian arrives.
  • All teaching staff will act in loco parentis during the time that the Edison Academy is open for children. All injuries, whether to staff, pupils or visitors, must be recorded via the Edison Academy accident book or for more serious injuries, on the accident report forms. Any serious injuries should be transported to hospital by ambulance as the patient’s condition could worsen. No attempt to move an injured person should be made until a proper examination and assessment has been completed. Minor injuries may be treated on a self-help basis or by any members of staff in loco parentis.
  • Further guidance is found in the ‘Supporting Pupils with Medical Needs’ document which is in the Academic Manager’s office.


Children will be taught the importance of keeping the body clean and of washing hands before eating food. Class teachers and assistants will be vigilant to ensure that all children wash their hands prior to their snack break and after visiting the bathroom. The children will also be taught the importance of regular brushing of teeth and of visits to the dentist.

Working Alone In Edison Academy

  • All staff should avoid lone working wherever possible by arranging for a colleague to also be on site. Where lone working is unavoidable staff should ensure that all outside doors are locked and curtains/blinds are closed when it is dark.
  • Fire doors must be unlocked when staff are working on the premises, e.g. out of Edison Academy hours.
  • When two or more people work late they should try to leave the building together.
  • Cars should be parked as close to the access doors as possible. If required, the Edison Academy security guard may escort the member of staff to his/her vehicle.
  • Where possible staff should let someone know if they will not be home at their usual time and what time they can be expected.

Marker Pens

  • Pens, which are mainly water based, should be used.
  • If and when other marker pens are to be used, this must only be by staff in a well-ventilated area.

Medical Health

  • Epilepsy

If a known epileptic suffers a short seizure and shows rapid signs of recovery, then it is appropriate to sit the child quietly and to closely monitor his/her condition. If the person suffers an injury during the seizure, then immediate first aid should be given. If the fit is violent and/or prolonged, medical help should be sought, or an ambulance called as well as contacting the parents, or partners in the case of adults.

  • All staff are to be informed of children who are epileptic and are to be aware of action to be taken.
  • If a child with no past history of epilepsy has a seizure, parents should be contacted immediately and medical advice sought.
  • In the event of fatal or serious injury, nothing at the site of the accident must be moved, except for helping the injured, until a thorough examination has been carried out.
  • Parents/guardians or next of kin must be contacted as soon as possible.


All accidents other than those of a minor nature must be reported to the Academic Manager

Head Lice

If a child is found to have live head lice, the parent is contacted and requested to obtain suitable medication or refer to a qualified health practitioner. The child will not be allowed to return until the infestation has cleared.

Medication Policy

  • If a child requires prescribed medicines whilst in Edison Academy , the parent must complete a written form of consent. Once completed these forms should be kept in the Edison Academy office.
  • All medication should be stored safely either in the fridge in the kitchen or in the medicine box in the Edison Academy clinic.
  • It is the responsibility of the admin staff and class teachers to ensure children have access to inhalers/medicines on any off-site visits.

Movement In Edison Academy

Running is strictly forbidden in corridors and class rooms. Strict discipline will be maintained. Children should walk in orderly lines. Bags and equipment should be placed neatly in their designated areas so that they may not cause an accident.


All children will change into suitable clothing for the activity in which they will participate details of clothing are listed in the Edison Academy handbook.

Teachers should, where possible, change into appropriate clothing for outdoor games. This sets a good example to children and allows a greater degree of manoeuvrability for demonstrating skills, or accessibility to a child should an accident occur.


The wearing of jewellery and nail varnish is not permitted.  If ears are pierced, studs only may be worn but must be removed or taped over for P.E. A watch may be worn if it is named and not of any great value. It is advisable to collect all such items prior to the lesson and store safely.

Lifting and Moving

Each child should be taught how to lift and move equipment. Techniques should be revised at least each year with the teacher’s new class. Children should be stationed at the corners of each piece of equipment.


Any pens supplied to children should be without tops. If children bring their own pens, they should be advised to dispose of the tops. Staff needs to be vigilant about this as there has been several accidents due to children putting pen tops into their mouths.

 Printing & Reprographics

  • The machine should be used for Edison Academy work.
  • Children must not use the photocopier
  • It has been sited in a well-ventilated area.

 Rotary Trimmers

Guillotines should not be used in areas which may be accessed by students.


The children must bring a healthy snack every day to eat during break time. Chocolate, sweets, carbonated drinks and beverages in glass bottles or cans are not allowed. Chewing gum is not to be consumed on the Edison Academy premises.


This Edison Academy operates a No Smoking Policy.

 Swimming Supervision

There should be continuous supervision by a fully qualified instructor patrolling at all times that children are present in the pool area. There should also be adequate qualified teaching assistants present to assist for the instructor. The instructor should not leave the pool area for any reason. Teachers are instructed that they do not allow children into the pool unless the pool instructor is in attendance or if the individual teacher(s) possess the relevant swimming and life-saving qualifications. The pool gates must be locked after use.


  • Sufficient and appropriate staff will be present to meet the type of activity being undertaken and to comply with staffing ratios.
  • We shall obtain written consent from parents for each Edison Academy trip. The child will not be allowed to travel without written permission from the parent or guardian.
  • There are contingency plans in the event of an accident or inclement weather.
  • We shall ensure that, when children are away from the premises, a first aid box is taken on the trip.
  • We shall ensure that at least two mobile phones accompany the outing.
  • Any visit off site must be approved by the Academic Manager.
  • For any visit to take place off the Edison Academy site, a letter home requesting permission is required.  At the beginning of each Edison Academy year parents are asked to sign a form giving their permission for visits within walking distance in the city.  Also, at the start of the year parents are asked to give emergency contact names and phone numbers to be used in an emergency.
  • One copy of the official list of the children and adults in the party on the Edison Academy visit and their contact numbers must be kept in the Edison Academy office. The list(s) should also include the registration number of any vehicle(s) involved.
  • If the party is travelling on two or more coaches it should be clear on the official list of children and adults who is travelling on which coach.
  • Each adult on the visit should have a copy of the list and a copy should also be left with the driver at the front of the coach.
  • The adult/pupil ratio must not be more than 1:10.
  • All coaches hired by the Edison Academy will have seat belts fitted and the supervising staff should ensure that they are used.
  • Adults must base themselves in different parts of the vehicle to maintain full supervision and control.
  • Children should not sit in the front seats of the coach or in the centre back seat.
  • Children should not be seated by an emergency exit.
  • Children are not allowed to eat or drink on coaches and should sit still not to distract the driver or drivers of other vehicles.


Parents collecting children should use the car park or park in the road near to the Edison Academy. Staff cars should be parked safely and without causing obstruction. Other areas should remain clear. Delivery vehicles are expected to use the delivery area in front of the Edison Academy. No one should attempt to remove the orange safety cones in the main Academy entrance. This is to be kept clear at all times for access by emergency vehicles.

Wherever possible deliveries should be made once the children are safely in the building.

Wet Surfaces

The creation of slippery surfaces must be avoided at all times. The washing of floors shall be conducted, as far as is possible, after Edison Academy hours to eliminate, the danger of slipping. Where floors are wet – warning signs regarding wet floors shall be used. Staff and pupils shall be required to use handrails when going up or down stairs.