Welcome message by Principal

Welcome to Edison, Dahl Al Hamam
I write this with excitement as a school team we are all extremely proud of the way in which all students, staff and parents have enthusiastically and whole heartedly created a happy school community within a friendly, exciting and safe learning environment.

At Edison International Academy, Dahl Al Hamam we firmly believe that we are here to serve our community and offer the very best to ensure that each and ‘Every Child Matters’ and that we are developing ‘Lifelong Learners who are striving for excellence in all aspects, socially, physically, morally and academically’ [School Mission]. We have ambitious aspirations for our students and they are raising to the challenges with enthusiasm and enjoyment, each and every day!

We wish for our pupils to attend our academy every single day to access a high quality curriculum from England and Qatar. We offer a well-adapted English curriculum that is broad, balanced and also suites those students with English as a Second Language (ESL). Pupils of differing talents, backgrounds and experience have a chance to develop to their full potential. We note pupils with talents in specific areas to ensure they are accessing higher levels of skills and opportunities.

All our students are cared for by class teachers. In Preschool and Reception classes they teach the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum within seven learning areas. Subject teachers teach Arabic, Islamic and Art.

In Primary the class teacher cares for each child in their class and teaches English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. We have specialist teachers in Arabic, Islamic Studies, Qatar History, French, Art, ICT and PE help to enrich the curriculum. We are also very pleased to be able to offer special support in Arabic (ASL), English (ESL) during and after school. We have a specific teacher to deal with those minority whose first language is not Arabic and so they can appreciate Qatar History, Islamic Studies through English and also learn basic Arabic. We have specialist professionals that help to care for the needs of all our students. These include the SEN (Special Educational Needs) Specialist, School Nurse and Educational Psychologist.

Over a third of all students participate and enjoy the extra school activities that staff volunteers conduct after school. These clubs include all levels of reading, Arabic, Islamic, ICT, Science, Maths, Knitting, Cooking, Animal Club, Drama, Music, Art, and Environment as well as sport such as Basketball, Taekwondo, Gymnastics, Football and other sports. We are constantly looking at the extra provision that external agencies can offer in sports, and we have the Tennis Federation, Aspire Football, Q Sport, ASA Sport, Markhiya Club and Qatar Olympic Team supporting our school.

Working with Parents and our community is very important to us all at Edison. We regularly consult with our parents so as to consider their opinion. We appreciate the support of the Parent Teachers Association (PTA) members, and we invest time in organising workshops, Open Days, exhibitions and events inviting parents into our school. We encourage parents to help with outside speaker such as the Ambulance Service, Medical Profession, Police, Army and Islamic Activities. They have also been involved in our extensive variety of trips to Al-Ryaan Theatre, Cinema, Farms, horse riding, swimming, Tennis Federation, Sports events at Markhiya Club, Al Knor Farm, Hyatt Plaza Jungle Zone, Dahl Al Hamam Park and many more special educational trips. We have worked with the Dreams and we are currently twinning with the Orphanage, Bwejuu Charity in Zanzibar.

The benefits of being in The Group of Edison Academies means that we have vibrant, enthusiastic developments through working with other mangers and opportunities to learn from each other with all the staff from each school.

At Edison, we firmly believe that each child needs to decide on their choices for behaviour and this includes the words and actions they choose in resolving conflict or disagreements. We are clear that we do not tolerate any rudeness or intolerance. Pupils know that we are in a multi-cultural community and different cultures, backgrounds, and religions are to be celebrated. Any poor remarks relating to a child’s race, colour or faith are promptly and firmly dealt with. Parents are told of any incidents that involve their child and we always appreciate the support of parents.

The voice and opinion of our pupils is very important to us. Children complete questionnaires so we can ascertain their thoughts on their school and we look at their suggested next steps for improvement. We have a strong School Council with each member being elected and they lead the way in many events, including ensuring we are prepared for Charity Family Day, International Day, Rubbish supervisors, and older children mentoring younger children.

A final, important feature to mention about the Edison International Academy ethos, is that we praise effort. We use the language of encouragement to inspire and promote critical thinking in our pupils. Each pupil is treated as an individual young person and our aim is to ensure each can become the best possible citizen they can be of the Global Society. This can only be achieved with the pupils believing in themselves and having the self confidence and self esteem to want to do well. It all goes in line with our school’s Vision:
We empower our students to learn for life and strive for excellence so that they can contribute positively to the global society.
I look forward to welcoming you to our very unique and wonderful academy.
Jennifer Osman,