Principals Message

Welcome to Edison International Academy. We have a dynamic environment of growth and learning. It is filled with fun, adventure and challenges. There is much to learn and every minute will count. Students will feel inspired and challenged while studying here with us. We have a tailored curriculum to fit the need of each individual student. Besides the exciting academic learning, students will engage in skills that will develop their emotional, physical and social skills.

We look forward to getting to know you and your child. Good communication between parents and the school is very important for your child’s academic and social growth. You may write a note to us or call the school to make an appointment.

Once the children are settled into a class routine there will be homework assignments. The purpose of homework is to reinforce what your child has learnt in class, and to teach responsibility. Submitting his/her homework will help students develop a good work habit for future years. We encourage independent reading for pleasure. Developing a love for reading is so important to a child’s educational future. We will have a selection of books in each classroom. These books are of all reading levels and will be available for children to take home.

We also encourage a healthy lifestyle for all students. Please provide healthy snacks for your child, such as fruits and vegetables, milk or juice and a sandwich rather than fizzy drinks, crisps and fried food. Encourage your child to participate in physical activities at home and school. Our goal is to work together to build strong minds and bodies equipped to deal with the demands of society and positive contributors to the global community.

We are looking forward to collaborative relationship with you.