School Profile

Dahl al Hamam School, Edison International Academy has been in existence since the beginning of the academic year of 2012. The original school site previously housed the school known as Kids R us that had been in operation since 2006.
Edison International Academy has three schools of which the newest is Dahl Al Hamam School. The numbers of students enrolling in Dahl al Hamam School grew quickly, meaning that in the 2013-14 academic year new buildings needed to be added. The school at this stage had 5 EYFS classes and 11 Year 1-6 classes.
However, in the 2014-15 academic year, the landlord instructed that the extra buildings needed to be removed. The Year 3 to 6 students were moved to the nearby Markhiya branch of Edison International Academy, and Dahl Al Hamam remained with students from Preschool to Year 2.
Demand for places in Edison International continued to grow. A 2015 self-study helped in evaluating views of the stakeholders. It became clear that the size and facilities in the old branch were insufficient for the needs of the community.
Dahl Al Hamam moved buildings to the present, larger site for the 2015-2016 academic year. The Old Dahl Al Hamam site remained open as a Preschool to Year 2 School until late November 2015 before merging with Dahl Al Hamam to become the school in its present form. On merging the school consisted of 11 EYFS classes and 17 Year 1-6 classes.
The academic year of 2017-18 sees Dahl Al Hamam school opening with 8 EYFS classes and 19 Year 1-6 classes.
Moving to the new Dahl Al Hamam premises has been a welcomed step forward for Edison International Academy, in the Dahl Al-Hamam area and the new premises is both attractive and well positioned.

The school consisted of two properties and was organised in a way that meant each Key Stage had a specific area. The whole school is well secured and contained. The buildings are cream and green grass is laid over the outdoor areas.

Plentiful parking is available at the front and rear of the school. There is an open area around the school and with it being on a hill there is a good view of the city and surrounding area.