At Edison International Academy, Muaither, the Key Stage 3 (Year 7 – Year 9) curriculum is based on the National Curriculum of England, and builds on the work covered and the skills acquired in the upper Key Stage 2. It prepares children for the Key Stage 4 where IGCSE courses and exam preparations will take place.

In the first three years of Secondary School, our students are introduced to a wide range of subjects. These include English, Mathematics, Science, Geography, ICT, History, French, Arabic, Islamic Studies and PE.

In Years 7, 8 and 9, there are tutor groups; most classes in our Secondary years are of mixed ability, and boys and girls are taught separately in all subjects.

Homework is given to all students in Key Stage 3, and they are expected to complete this conscientiously and hand it back to the respective subject teacher in due time.

The KS3 Curriculum

Our curriculum focuses on the qualities and skills learners need to succeed in school and the economic world beyond. It empowers students to become:

  • Role models who enjoy learning and strive for excellence.
  • Confident individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives.
  • Responsible citizens who make a positive contributions to their society.

We want our students to respond positively to the opportunities and challenges of the rapidly changing world in which they live and which they will work in; to have an enquiring mind, to be creative thinkers, good communicators and independent learners.

All students at Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 and 9) follow a broad and balanced curriculum which reflects the school’s aims and meets the statutory requirements of the Supreme Education Council. On entry to the Academy, the majority of the students join mixed attainment classes. However, we do identify discrete groups, those that would benefit from additional support and those that have the potential ability and aptitude to succeed on an accelerated learning program.

Students are assigned to ability sets straight away, using prior attainment data (for returning students), baseline/ diagnostic exams and results from entrance exams (for new students). 

Our Keystage 3 curriculum is comprised of the following subjects:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Geography
  • Arabic
  • Islamic Studies
  • Qatar History
  • Social Studies
  • French
  • ICT
  • PE
  • Personal, Social and Health Education
  • Art

Enrichment Program:

We aim to provide opportunities for our most able students through high expectations and supplementing the normal curriculum with extension tasks and activities. At the same time, we are offering differentiated classrooms for students who need extra support in certain academic areas.

To ensure our students build on their learning experiences, we also offer educational trips to educational institutions, universities and scientific centres to ensure that our learners benefit from a varied learning experience.

We also offer After School Support Programs in the form of extra learning opportunities for our students to help them meet the expectation of the curriculum.

Towards the end of Year 9, students will be included in our Career Guidance programme to prepare them for life after school.


Inclusion, Attendance and Punctuality

At Edison International Academy all students are given the opportunity to benefit fully from the whole range of academic, cultural and social opportunities provided. Each student is encouraged to achieve his or her full potential, receiving individual help and support as necessary. Regular attendance and good punctuality are key features of a successful education and we continue to encourage parents to ensure attendance and punctuality is 100%. Attendance is closely monitored and parents have an essential role to play in supporting the school and their children in achieving this success (see attendance procedure)